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Product data management and virtual techniques

Highly complex and connected products, such as vehicles, consist of an increasing number of components.

These components must mesh and interact smoothly. In this context, digital assembly data is the most important asset of development. Product lifecycle management (PLM) and structured product data management (PDM), provide significant support for the entire product development process.

Service description

PDM means the software-supported storage and visualization of data in a system for coordination and information. As a result, the virtual, geometric and technical validation of vehicle projects becomes a success.

We support you in the provision and management of data in CONNECT (Siemens Teamcenter), which is the central platform for product data management in the Volkswagen Group. We position data sets precisely with CATIA and provide them with a project-compliant technical validity in preparation for the complete vehicle analysis. We continuously perform visual inspection of the components. A virtual prototype – a Digital Mock-Up (DMU) – is created in this way.

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Digital-Mock-Up DMU

Based on 3D models with the highest standards, digital vehicles and possible construction-variants are assembled into a complete vehicle. The data get located and positioned with millimeter precision along a parts list-compliant, prepared for the digital collision calculation. Experts validate the data along static and dynamic motion envelopes against the environment and ensure 100% completeness to development milestones.

Virtual prototyp design

In the “Virtual Try Out” process, or VTO for short, virtual test vehicles are built as complete individual vehicles. These serve as a reference for physical assembly. A virtual single vehicle opens up the earliest possible investigations into assembly and technical compatibility.

Product Data Analysis

We check assemblies for both internal and external technical constructability. Data generated by our analyses are examined in detail and evaluated by us.

During our work, we are in constant contact with the construction department in order to correct errors during the process.

Key user validation

Our expertise is in setting up the data in CONNECT when a new software or release is implemented. Because we use the system on a daily basis, we know exactly what system-side requirements we and other users have.