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Process consulting

Now more than ever, business success depends on trouble-free workflows and properly functioning systems and tools.

To successfully keep pace with changes in the work environment, companies must therefore continuously review and adapt their existing processes.

We support and consult you in rethinking processes, optimizing them and thereby increasing efficiency.

Service description

We have the aim of optimizing processes with the use of issue-based systems, such as Jira. In the business world, workflows are often too complex to be standardized. Adaptive processes allow new features to be integrated and enable continuous iteration. We act as a connection point between different business units and companies and take care of the communication with all concerned parties.

More about this service
Process optimization

We analyze the current status of your processes to identify automation potential and transparently show workflows. From the analysis, we derive activities where new processes are implemented and documented. We focus on simple, fast and pragmatic solutions, such as the use of already available tools and benefit from existing interfaces. If there is no suitable tool, we are able to offer you customized application software.


We are very familiar with the tools of the local OEM, and due to our long-term experiences have already successfully conducted many trainings. The practical and application-oriented coaching sessions we offer will help you develop your skills

Our services include:
· Siemens team center coaching, specializing in the Connect application software
· Coachings, for support in Product Data Management of complex modules such as wiring harness scopes and main wiring harnesses
· Coachings for project-related activities such as preparation of data structures and data maintenance