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Mission statement

In our work, we are guided by clear principles and give our best for our customers and our employees every day.

Quality orientation / quality focus
TRIGENIO engineering GmbH has set product and service quality as its top corporate goal.
The company’s success is based on the strict and continuous fulfillment of customer requirements in all areas.
For us, quality is characterized by highest reliability, high reaction speed, and flexibility, as well as excellent qualification and competence.

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Employee focus and teamwork
The precondition for high quality is a qualified and motivated team of employees including engineers, CAD-designers, technical clerks, technical draftsmen, and commercial employees.
Communication, teamwork, and kindness towards customers are essential.

Innovative processes, the use of modern hardware and software tools, as well as our expertise, enable us to develop technically optimal solutions for our customers and provide them via short communication channels.

By using virtual development techniques, we support our customers in saving material resources and help to protect the environment.

Compared to our competitors, we always strive for the best service quality and are fully committed to the process efficiency of our customers. The service delivery is solutions- and results-oriented.