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The human being is at the heart of every company.

Especially in times of skills shortages, it is extremely important to have qualified and professional employees in order to be successful in the long term.

Service description

Professional personnel services

We offer recruitment and personnel leasing in the automotive industry of engineering, component design, electrical system development and software development.
In our recruitment services, we support you in finding and selecting your future employees and accompany you through the entire process, from advertising the job to signing the contract. With our many years of experience in recruiting, as well as our branch-specific, technical know-how, we can recruit qualified employees for you. On top of that, we can also advise you on onboarding.

If you need temporary support in managing project tasks, we offer personnel leasing. We provide you with qualified employees for the duration of your projects and who have exactly the skills you need to complete the work successfully.

The advantage for you is obvious – no complex recruiting process, high flexibility, and calculable costs.

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